Samsung A52s Price, Features and Networks

The Samsung A52s is the latest mid-budget Android smartphone developed and released by Samsung Electronics as part of its Galaxy A Series. The phone is officially announced on 15 March 2021 at Samsung’s special Awesome Unpacked media event alongside the other Samsung A Series models. Since it is not a major product in the mobile industry, it is unlikely that Samsung will introduce any major innovation in the A Series this time around. However, the company is known to keep up with the fast-paced competition by releasing new handsets frequently. In fact, Samsung has made four major smartphone models this year alone – the Galaxy A8, Galaxy S4, Notes 3 and the Galaxy A15.

One of the biggest advantages of buying the Samsung A52s is the price. At just 2.2 lbs, the Samsung A52s is one of the lightest phones available from Samsung. It comes with a large display and has a combination of high-end features that are not really found in other low-cost smartphones. For example, the Samsung A52s features a dual-screen feature where the second screen is placed above the primary screen for a better viewing experience. It also comes with a nice collection of features including a built-in microSD card reader, a large capacitive fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor, a built-in camera, and a fairly large supply of apps, games, and other utilities. samsung a52s

One feature worth mentioning is the built-in camcorder. The A52s has a rather large and noticeable video recorder that records at least two sides simultaneously. This enables the user to simultaneously record one video at one place on one side and another at another without having to switch back and forth between cameras. A well-built USB connector and a standard headphone jack make it easy to transfer the videos to a personal computer. A nice built-in sound feature, coupled with the large and noticeable screen, makes it possible to watch videos recorded on the Samsung A52s on a home theater system as well. The built-in video recording features come in particularly handy when shooting professional looking videos such as music videos, corporate videos, and family events.

The Samsung A52s has one of the largest memory banks of any smartphone available. In fact, it is so large that it can be used as an external hard drive or as an additional drop card in a digital camera or mobile device. The built-in memory is particularly useful in this regard since the S Pen feature in the Samsung S Pen can help you easily take photos of moving subjects without having to worry about transferring the data from the memory card to the small memory card. Another advantage of the large memory bank is that it makes it easy to upload the photos to a computer using the micro-SD slot. Transferring the images from the Samsung A52s to your desktop computer is also a piece of cake.

The touch screen on the Samsung Galaxy A52s is also one of its best features. The large Super AMOLED screen offers better accuracy than other models, although it does tend to become blurred if you leave it on for a long time. Even though it is smaller than the iPhone’s 3G screen, it is still easily accessible when the need arises.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s price starts under $400, which is somewhat cheaper than other smartphones in its class. Despite being only an unlocked phone, there are many retailers that offer the phone with various network carriers. However, you should check out the various features offered by different companies before deciding which one to go for.

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